Obama During Press Conference With Merkel In Germany: “I Wouldn’t Advise Protesters Be Silent.”

During a press conference in Germany, with whom many Germans call the “nation killer,” Angela Merkel, Obama said “I wouldn’t advise the protesters to be silent,” when asked about the riots happening in almost every major US city.

Since the election there have been many protests that were deemed riots later by police agencies in many cities across the country including Portland, OR where new cars on lots were smashed, and LA where even high school kids are walking out.  Most of these protests have turned violent, where innocent people were beaten and businesses were destroyed.

New cars being smashed by protesters in Portland
New cars being smashed by protesters in Portland

Kellyanne Conway and many prominent people on Donald Trump’s campaign staff have called for Obama to deescalate the situation and tell rioters to stop, to help unify the country.  Trump appeared on 60 minutes last weekend, looked right into the camera and told his supporters to stop retaliating. But when Obama was asked, he declined, claiming essentially “free speech,” and that many presidents over time had to “deal with rioters.

Here is a portion of the press conference in Germany:

“One of the great things about our democracy is it expresses itself in all sorts of ways, and that includes people protesting,” Obama stated.

unknown-2In his last press conference here prior to leaving for his Euro marathon, it seemed as if the reporters were all told not to ask about the protests.  Well, so much for unifying a nation.