Man Who Attacked Alt-Right Member Was NOT An Oath Keeper

Alt Right Member Attacked From Behind At Sam Houston Monument Protest

HOUSTON – During a conservative rally in Houston, a member of the alt-right was attacked and kicked out by a large group of militia members.  It was reported all over twitter and social media that the attackers were part of the group called the Oath Keepers.  This has since been proven to be untrue.

The man came to the rally with Pepe memes and signs and appeared to be standing by himself.  During an argument, several militia members surrounded the man, asking him to leave.  The group also reportedly kicked out another man for holding the confederate flag earlier.

After a brief heated discourse, Carlos Leija, who admits he came to this country as an illegal alien, grabbed the man from behind in a choke hold unprovoked.

Leija also had a long rifle on his person during the attack.

Muh! Constitution…

Most of these militia member groups claim to be fighting for the constitution and most importantly free speech.  Apparently this particular militia group though that the alt-right didn’t deserve his speech for some reason.

Carlos Leija, who is reportedly the man involved in the attack, was also caught on his live video feed calling another man a ‘white supremacist nazi.’

Leija was also filmed talking against nationalism in general and seemingly proudly recapping his attack on the man.

The same man that was attacked was also recorded earlier at an event in New Orleans Louisiana, explaining to one of our reporters Rick Write what Kekistan was.  He jokingly explained that Kekistan was an online community of trolls who are all ‘nazis.’ An obvious further trolling on the media’s narrative.

The full video of the occurrence shows the victim of the assault collecting his signs that were spread across the ground.  You can see the crowd of people berating him and screaming at him to leave until he finally was escorted out while being shunned by seemingly everyone at the event.

Here is the full video of what went down: