Oakland California to Give Monthly $500 Checks to Poor Residents of Color — Poor White Residents of Oakland Will be Excluded from the Program

Poor Residents of Oakland California will soon be able to sign up for a program designed to tackle poverty by providing a $500 monthly check to individuals and families who apply and fit the requirements. The program, which will roll out this summer, does not allow poor white people to apply.

Launching this spring and summer, the city’s program will distribute $500 monthly payments to a group of randomly selected families for at least a year and a half. To qualify, families must have at least one child and make less than 50 percent of the area median — about $59,000 annually for a family of three. And they must be Black, Indigenous or otherwise identify as people of color. –The Washington Post

What is the difference between a black man who lives in poverty, and a white man who lives in poverty? The black man will be eligible to receive monthly checks of $500 from the government of Oakland California, the white man will not.

The city of Oakland California is majority minority, meaning, there are more people of color living within city limits than white people. This means that the city of Oakland would have the means to help white people living in poverty, as they are a smaller fraction of the total population, but they won’t.

Systemic racism exists, it just isn’t what we’ve been told it is.