NY Business Owner Resorts to Selling ‘I Mask NY’ T-Shirts After COVID Lockdowns Tank Business

A New York business owner has resorted to selling ‘I Mask NY‘ T-Shirts after never-ending lockdowns destroyed his customer base. The individual (who wishes to remain anonymous) claims he had to resort to selling T-shirts on the street after his business shut down.


The individual reached out to a friend of The Red Elephant’s staff claiming that his business in New York City, a breakfast restaurant, had to shut it’s doors for good after extreme lockdown policy had obliterated his business.

Like many other businesses in liberal cities, extreme lockdown measures along with fear mongering from the mainstream media have almost completely obliterated many businesses in New York City. Hundreds have closed, and many more will as the lockdown measures continue.

As lockdowns continue, businesses and lives will continue to be ruined, causing countless millions in loss, and many more lives damaged.