Notorious Hacker Known as 4Chan Attempting to Hack Joe Biden’s Earpiece & Trick Him Into Saying the N-Word During Presidential Debate

The hacker known as 4chan is attempting to hack into candidate Joe Biden’s earpiece during his debate against President Donald J Trump. The hacker(s) are claiming that if they are successful, they will be able to fool the presidential candidate into saying the N word on live television.

Biden, who allegedly agreed to allow a third party check whether or not he’s wearing hearing aides during the debate, has allegedly pushed back and is now refusing to allow a third party check whether or not he will be wearing them. Nonetheless, 4chan is determined to get Joe Biden to say the N word.

Others are discussing the use of RF-Jamers, which are devices used to scramble radio waves within a specific range.

Biden has been seen wearing what would appear to be something in his ear during television broadcasts. It is unconfirmed if the image below is what many are claiming to be an earpiece feeding Biden answers to tough questions, but the images do appear to suggest this to be the case.

So long as the debate actually takes place, it should be assured that this debate will provide quite a bit of entertainment, whether or not 4chan succeeds in it’s attempt at tricking the presidential hopeful into saying the N word.