General Kelly: “Let’s Not Let This Last Thing Held Sacred Go” Liberal Media: “Yeah, No”


If you missed the news, the “media” is incensed over A) not having every single exact detail on a Special Forces mission and B) The idea that people die in the military.

So what the Media wants to know is, “How did the Green Berets get into a dangerous situation where one of them died.”  For most of the Journalism majors in the audience, who spent their lives as the water boy on the football team or manager for the chess club, the idea that a real world harsh consequence could happen is beyond them.

But the job is dangerous. As Kelly pointed out, the military is all-volunteer. You actually have to want to be in, and try to get in. SF slots take even more beyond that. The special forces haves special non-fat acceptance tests that only people in great physical shape can pass.

Now that we’ve established that point, focus on the statement everyone ignores: Kelly coached the President on the exact words to use, the words he has used and has heard when his own family suffered loss. That soldiers involved were doing what they wanted to do.

Why Anyone Would Die to Defend This Country In the State It is In:

In a philosophical twist, Kelly then segued into a statement about why anyone would serve in a volunteer army for a nation as lost as it is. I mean, really, could you see yourself taking a roll of the dice to survive in order to ensure this:

Well, we have a small echelon of our armed forces who not only risk their life for this, they compete for the opportunity to do so.  That’s what Sgt. Johnson did, and we should respect his furious belief in the American System by not politicizing his death. The man was a hero, and tougher than 90% of the people who will ever hear his name. 99% of the people who report on him.

Gold Stars Only

Kelly then described the process of notifying families of casualties and then in the most epic butthurt moment ever, announces at 11:59 to only takes questions from reporters with a close relative or friend or really just a 1 degree connection to anyone who has died in service to the country. No hands. So he expanded it to just knowing anyone who was a Gold Star family member. Finally a hand or two.

The questions were relevant to the mission, and surprise, Kelly reminded them at 16:13 in the video that he knows more than he is letting on but, surprise, he is not going to tell them. As a result of being emasculated by the Secretary; the news media is now on warpath poking about his words on how it would be nice if Politicians didn’t turn everything into a Soapbox. At 9:24 in the video, the media found the bate to distract from the real subject of his meeting, the sacred non-partisan silence in nobility to those who died. The magic words, at 11:15 : “None of us went to the press and complained, none of us stod up and got offended.” This was the cue, it seems, for everyone in the room to ignore the other 16 minutes and get offended.



Dead soldiers were politicized by Humanists in 2012 when they sued over a cross erected in 1925 memorializing the dead of the township in WW1. Because Humanists have no actual morals beyond a desire to destroy any connection between nobility and religion, this upset them.

Note they don’t sue about the public schools naming of Algebra or Algorithm after the Muslim scholars related, they don’t sue over the name of the Pythagorean theorem and the lost dead religion he leaked this information from. Nor do they sue over the 7 year discharge limit on a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, mysteriously laid out in the old testament as the exact prescribed limit per Jubilee. They did win to stop calling AD and BC thus, now its’  just a random coincidence that all our reference to time is based around the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Literally a pure coincidence that a high school band can’t play Christian Music at Half Time(no more Mozart folks).  Don’t Worry, New York still allows Drag Queen Story Time, for which my opinions are better said by this guy:

Drag Queen Story Time

Mike Pence Got Mauled for not dining alone with women other than his wife, and then Harvey Weinstein for doing the complete opposite. As a guy who understands that as  a Christian, Mike Pence was preserving the integrity of the women around him the fact that men are constantly at battle with lust, it seems odd that a media that criticizes a man who has dealt with and acknowledged the darkness of his sole would also vilify a man who has completely succumbed to it. And I’m going to end on this: as a jab.  The old James Bond books written by Ian Fleming(himself a WW2 Officer over a Commando unit) had James Bond as a borderline rapist whose exploits with women had 1 failure, the woman who was engaged to a geeky poindexter. Despite being what modern feminists would call an absolute rapist beyond even Bill Clinton or JFK level of sexual assault, he never crossed the boundary of Matrimonial loyalty. The new movies with Bond have him as literally fetishized towards adultery. In the Old Testament, King Abimelek was ashamed that he had almost gone near Abraham’s wife:

Then Abimelek called Abraham in and said, “What have you done to us? How have I wronged you that you have brought such great guilt upon me and my kingdom? You have done things to me that should never be done.” (Genesis 25)

Again, there was a time where even a king would be ashamed and embarrassed by simply ALMOST crossing the boundary Hollywood celebrates the man’s man entering.

So where are the rules? If they have no lines in the sand, no rules for proper boundaries or social decorum, What right do they have to say Presidents, Politicians, or literally any other member of society has crossed into impropriety?

At least in Texas you can still beat a man half to death for raping your daughter. Now, that’s not Christian, and it’s not right, but in a world with no rules, what’s to stop Vigilante Justice. Well, I guess that’s why they want to ban guns.