Has North Korea Officially Become The ‘Crazy Neighbor?’

The Crazy Neighbor Everyone Has

Japan has a crazy neighbor, so does Russia, China, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, The United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and France (French Polynesia).  It’s the same crazy neighbor – North Korea.  The crazy neighbor gene, apparently, is passed down: Gramps had it, Dad had it, and now, Sonny has it.

So what do all of these not so allied countries do?  They go to RIMPAC and play every other year for the last 43 years.  Kim, Il Sung (the Mad Midget’s grandfather) was still in power in North Korea when RIMPAC began.  I participated in 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2012, in a supply support role.  What better way to spend six weeks, always including the 4th of July?  Sun and fun at Pearl Harbor Hawaii, hanging out with over 50,000 Sailors, Marines, Soldiers and Airmen from all over the world.  We busted our butts and always had a blast doing it!

President Trump met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on February 10, whereupon the Prime Minister said that he has “great confidence” in the President’s leadership ability.

At RIMPAC the very high ranking people work out scenarios, then coordinate efforts to land on the beach, shoot missiles out of the sky, sweep for mines, parachute in, and think of a scenario.  I’m sure that a complete strategy has already been devised at RIMPAC to address the current situation with North Korea.  Presently, the USS Michigan, USS Carl Vinson group, several Japanese Destroyers and the Australians are near (very near) Korea.  China has reportedly deployed 150,000 troops on their border with North Korea, yet the Mad Midget is still running his mouth.  

The long answer to why President Trump has his nose in this – 日本国とアメリカ合衆国との間の安全保障条 約.  It’s part of the World War II treaty.  As a result, Japan does not have a military, only a “Self Defense Force.”  The United States agreed in that treaty of cessation to protect Japan.  Like it or not, President Trump is following the LAW.