No. There Was Never A Play Depicting Obama Being Assassinated

Nice Try

Twitter erupted Friday night and into Saturday morning when pro Trump advocates Jack Posobiec and Laura Loomer disrupted a rendition of Julius Caesar which depicted a Trump look-alike with a Slovak wife being assassinated in Central Park New York.

With recent violent attacks by Bernie supporters like the Steve Scalise shooter, Jeremy Christian and Eric Clanton, the violent rhetoric by the main stream left and Hollywood encouraging assassination attempts is now an obvious factor. From a bloody Trump head being held up by Kathy Griffin for all of the world’s children to see, to a play that depicts the President of the United States being violently stabbed to death to a cheering crowd, the left’s violence is a far cry away from their ‘tolerant’ label they so proudly don.

Kathy Griffin holds up a model of President Donald J. Trump’s bloody severed head in a symbolic Muslim beheading.

Instead of denouncing this type of behavior, the media’s left leaning pundits, including Jessica Tarlov, are not only saying that this behavior is ok, they’re trying to say that the same thing happened in 2012 in a play depicting Obama.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In 2012 there was in fact a Julius Caesar production in the flyover state of Minnesota.  It did depict a random lanky black man getting assassinated. But it wasn’t a portrayal of Barack Obama. The man in the 2012 rendition had a shaved head all the way down to the scalp and looked absolutely nothing like the former President.  Not to mention no one cheered after the first knife was inserted into the gut of the actor like they did in the New York Trump version.  The 2017 version however was essentially a stain double to President Trump, and was identical all the way down to his wife.

2012 Minnesota Rendition Of Caesar

2017 New York Rendition Of Caesar

If such a play existed showing President Obama being assassinated, I would expect and encourage liberals to protest it.  Regardless of political spectrum you fall under, this is disgusting.  We are now seeing the results of the marxist leftist elites being in control of what our children and society see on television. People are actually dying.