No Space for Whites: Denver City Council Voted to Rename Columbus Park as La Raza Park

The city of Denver is not interested in preserving white history.

On December 21, 2020, the Denver City Council unanimously voted in favor of legislation to rename Columbus Park as La Raza Park.

La Raza means “the race” and is usually a term that Hispanic activists use to define themselves as a separate group from the rest of normal America. This name change reflects the slogan the Chicano movement used during the 1960s and 1970s, when they routinely chanted “Viva la raza” (Long live the race).

Councilwoman Amanda Sandoval was one of the main sponsors of the park’s name change. Her district encompasses the park, which was allegedly called by its new name of La Raza.

“‘La raza is a word of unity and about celebrating community,” Sandoval declared.

Naturally, there was opposition to this move, which came from the Italian-American community in Denver. Makes sense. Italian Americans hold Christopher Columbus in high esteem and the explorer is viewed as a hero to Italians all over the globe. Columbus was a courageous man who opened up a new frontier by discovering the New World.

If it weren’t for Columbus’ brave exploits, the North American continent would have never been conquered and settled. America as we know it, would have likely never come into being. As distant as Columbus’s feats may be, we are still feeling the very implications of his discoveries. And we should be thankful for the Italian explorer’s valor and determination in discovering a new frontier for free men to conquer.

However, there are many people who remain unappreciative of men like Columbus’s exploits. They would prefer to moan about how Columbus “oppressed” them and represents a symbol for white supremacy for doing so.

“Mexican Chicanos and Indigenous peoples have suffered genocide over the last 500 years,” declared Arturo Gonzalez, a retired Chicano studies professor. “We live with that trauma. We continue to live with that trauma.”

This isn’t the first time that Denver approved of destroying its own history. Earlier this year, the city decided to rename the Stapleton neighborhood as Central Park due to the fact that the previous name was based off a former mayor and member of the Ku Klux Klan

This is a national trend that will not stop. A Left consumed by political correctness and anti-white historical revisionism presents a unique danger to America. A serious nationalist movement would be confronting each and every one of the Left’s attempts to erase our history.

The conservative movement has clearly dropped the ball and is not up to the task of defending our country’s heritage.The nationalist movement will have no choice but to fill this void and stand up for what is right.