No Mask, No Service: Liberal Companies Continue to Require Masks Despite Conservative States Lifting Requirement

As Texas, Mississippi and a host of other conservative states begin to lift regulatory mask mandates, major retailers are sticking with mask requirements, regardless of state law. Starbucks, Target and many other companies will continue to require customers to wear masks in states where it is not required for them to do so by law.

Soon after Texas lifted their regulatory mask mandates, a spokesperson for Target said: “We require guests to wear masks or face coverings in all of our stores, except for guests with underlying medical conditions and young children,”

H-E-B took to social media on March 2, to reiterate their stance on the mask requirements, regardless of state mandates being lifted.

It would appear that many of these companies are worried about their bottom line. Although states like Texas and Mississippi have lifted their mask mandates, the media and their hysterical journalists have not, and are ready to cancel any politician, company or individual who dares to stand up against them.

The media has the power to dictate the market, and where shoppers “feel” like spending their money. If the media came out tomorrow with the headline: “Starbucks Believes Their Coffee Is Worth More Than Your Grandmother’s Life”, their stock would plummet and every liberal on earth would poor their Starbucks down the drain.

Why else do you think a company that sells coffee would feel the need to say something like this:

Starbucks obviously how market psychology works, which is why they are always on the front lines of the corporate culture war. Starbucks supports transgender surgeries, black lives matter rioters and now they support indefinite mandatory masks.

Do you really think these mega companies care about you? Do you really think Starbucks cares about your health? Or do you think they care about your money?