No. Hillary Was Not Yet Officially Declared The Popular Vote Winner. 2 States Still Not Finalized.

Many of us are hearing in the media outlets, the same ones that all predicted Hillary as a 90% plus favorite to win the election, that Clinton won the popular vote.  A lot of everyday Joe and Jane citizens that don’t understand what the electoral college is or why we have it are calling for a redo.

Well here are the facts. All 50 states, as far as percentage of votes in, are NOT finalized yet. Arizona was’t even awarded to Trump until yesterday, Michigan is still grey and Some states are reporting as low as 60% votes reported according to MSM maps who are lagging in reporting the final vote count like THIS map

Here is the breakdown as of today.  Michigan hasn’t even been awarded to either candidate even though Trump has won this state.  Not to mention, only 96% of votes there were counted as you can see here:


Additionally, Arizona has only reported 80% of votes counted and was delayed a full 3 days to be awarded to the republican candidate.  You could see that here:

New Hampshire has still not been awarded to either candidate as of today, however it looks like Clinton has won this state despite ONLY 98% reported votes counted.  New Hampshire is shown on the electoral map here:


The truth of the matter, that the media seems to ignore even though this has happened throughout history, is the popular vote probably won’t be confirmed and decided officially until sometime in December.  With hundreds of thousands of absentee and military ballots still not accounted for, expect this map to change.  Here are some of the states with the lowest reporting thus far:

Alaska: Only 76% of votes finalized

California: Only 70% of votes finalized

Oregon: Only 87% of votes finalized

Washington State: Only 60% of votes finalized

Missouri: Only 93% of votes finalized

Georgia: Only 92% of votes finalized

Wisconsin: Only 95% of votes finalized

Arizona: Only 80% of votes finalized

Utah: Only 85% of votes finalized

Right now the popular vote stands at around 550,000 apart and 290 electoral votes for Trump to 228 electoral votes for Clinton. However, the final map once the electoral college gets around to it, will be somewhere closer to 306 for the republican candidate and 233 for the democratic nominee…


And if you’re one of those millennials that doesn’t understand why we have the electoral college at all, it is because America is a republic not a democracy. A republic protects the minorities from the majority.  Without the electoral college, our president would be decided by only 3 states every year, CA, NY and IL.

Being against the electoral college is Bolchevikism. In old Stalinism terms, A republic protects the “Mensheviks” from the “Bolsheviks.” Additionally a repealing of of the electoral college would also result in senators going away. This is the reason a state like Nebraska has the same amount of senators as California. Heres a great map to show you why exactly we have the electoral college, it jokes that “Trump has better coverage than Verizon.”