Nickelodeon & YouTube Promote 12-Year-Old Tongue Piercing — Disables Comments on Video After Backlash

Nickelodeon’s Lilliana Ketchman, who is 12 years old, has her own YouTube channel where she is now promoting tongue piercing to her over 2 million fans. Angered parents across the US have voiced concern over the material, only to be censored from commentating under the videos.

The childhood star is 12 years old, which means that according to YouTube’s terms of service policies, she would not be allowed to sign up for YouTube without the consent of her parents.

The pre-teen is not only allowed to promote adult behavior to her fans, she is also verified by YouTube, reinforcing her disagreeable behavior to her impressionable young fans.

Whoever runs the Childs YouTube account has disabled comments, presumably due to the fact that the vast majority of normal adults would disagree with this sort of behavior, and consider it a form of child abuse.

Hollywood has a long history of being accused of exploiting vulnerable young children, and as they continue to promote material such as this, along with the advent of online censorship, Hollywood has only accelerated in the behavior that has left them branded as one of the most toxic places in the world.