Nickelodeon Promotes Transgenderism to Children — Deletes Trending #OkGroomer Responses

Children’s television network Nickelodeon Tweeted out a celebratory message to transgender people claiming “We’re celebrating transgender people around the world and the courage it takes to live their truth” In response, many parents have taken to social media using the trending hashtag #OkGroomer to protest the Childs networks promotion of transgenderism.

The children’s network has gone into overdrive deleting comments from furious parents who completely disagree with the promotion of transgenderism to children.

Below are some of the deleted #OKGroomer comments:

The extent of the #OkGroomer trending hashtag can be demonstrated by the sheer volume of the response.

Many transgendered individuals regret transitioning and claim that they wish they had not been pressured by society into rejecting their true selves. To push this dangerous ideology into children is not only immoral, but it is also child abuse and should be treated as such.