Nicholas J Fuentes: What it Really Means to be America First

The idea of “America First” can be summarized by saying just that, American interests come First, before any other country, people or corporate entity. Yet, how has such a simple concept as putting “America First” become so controversial to establishment American conservatives, who denounce the idea as hateful or bigoted?

By making America first, you put the well-being, health, safety and economic opportunities of Americans before anybody else, always. This might not sound like a controversial stance to take, especially for conservatives, but for foreign lobbying groups, and for conservative politicians who benefit from such groups, putting “America First” is often times the last thing on the agenda.

To fix the issues facing America, and to combat the overwhelming cultural grip of the progressive left-wing, there will be a need for a conservative consolidation of power and influence behind the America First doctrine. The conservative establishment will need to take a strong stance on all issues, by putting the American people first, before all things, including their own corporate & foreign lobbying groups.

The United States as we know it can not survive the demographic shift currently turning red states blue, or the wholesale exportation of industry, coupled with the industrialized importation of foreign replacement workers, gutting the American middle class. If America is to remain America, the traditional America that we have all known and loved, will have to once again be put first, always.