Nicholas Fuentes: If Demographic Issues Define America, Demographic Issues Need to Define Conservatism

After months of Black Lives Matter rioting, Conservative pundits, politicians and philosophers alike continue to beat the dead horse of minority outreach, while the Trojan horse of immigration pushes America further towards unstoppable Democrat rule. If demographic issues continue to define the United States of America, then demographic issues need to define conservatism.

“You can not be a conservative if you don’t believe in order, and you cannot believe in order if you don’t take a stand on demographic issues.”

He continues saying: “You are not Conservative actually, if you’re more concerned about free markets, and concerned about the size and scope of government and the constitution then you are about the demographic composition of the country.”

It is a simple fact that the vast majority of immigrants entering the United States of America lean left politically.

And yet Conservatives, at the behest of their corporate donors, continue pushing immigration quotas. While we witness the systematic “decolonization” of the United States, demographics and “legal” immigration continue to be the elephant in the Oval Office.

Immigration is not a simple matter of stagnating wages amid the rising cost of living, and an ever-growing student loan debt crisis, but rather, the inherent order that is representative of the classical American system of living, is to come apart at the seems, if the demographic composition of the US continues fracturing unabridged.