New York Times Finally Admits The Gender Pay Gap Is A MYTH!

Feminists Be Gone!

The New York Times finally published a breath of honesty this week in their article regarding results of studies, with what any intelligent person already knows, called “The Gender Pay Gap Is Because Of Motherhood.” After the women’s march, a lot of people who have a brain were wondering what the heck they were marching for? What rights do men have that women don’t? In almost every single video on the internet, the women in the marches answer this question with the mythical “pay gap” claim. Only the most vapid amongst the population actually believe this myth though.  Hopefully the recently published story by the leftists’ favorite publication will put an end to this myth.

The article from the NYT goes on to say:

“When men and women finish school and start working, they’re paid pretty much equally. But a gender pay gap soon appears, and it grows significantly over the next two decades.

So what changes? The answer can be found by looking at when the pay gap widens most sharply. It’s the late 20s to mid-30s, according to two new studies — in other words, when many women have children. Unmarried women without children continue to earn closer to what men do.”

New studies? Pretty much every study done on this myth has come to the same conclusion.  It’s because of motherhood and a few other things that are not because of sexism.  If the “gender pay gap” was actually real, employers would only hire women and pay them seventy cents on the dollar.

What will the third wave feminists have to complain about next?