New York Times Cover Normalizes Pedophilia

A forgotten New York Times cover headline reading “Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not A Crime,” has resurfaced further cementing the blessing of the crisis we have all averted of Trump beating Hillary in the election.  In colleges across the nation they have begun indoctrinating our children with “abnormal psychology” classes pushing pedophilia as an actual sexual orientation and it is all funded by the taxpayers.

The articles continues with bizarre bullet points about what they call “misconceptions of pedophilia” citing such things as “pedophilia is not the same as child molestation,” and “pedophilia is not a choice.”

The militant left. The intolerant, intolerable psychotics that call themselves “tolerant multiculturalists.” Bombarding the masses with reiterations of how many scientists tell us that global warming is real, while trying to convince us that there are 65 different genders and that pedophilia is not a crime. Forget selective hearing, how about selective science. Or selective pseudo-science.

Who needs ISIS when our own colleges are radicalizing our children? And we are all footing the bill. Oh, and how about their featured image of the article, what is God’s name is that?…