New York Times Celebrates the “Great Replacement” of White America

Again and again, the New York Times makes Americans realize that the media are the enemy of the people.

Their constant use of misinformation and disdain for Americans has been taken to new heights during the Trump administration. Like any contemporary leftist rag, they’re now making everything racial.

One columnist at the Times, Roger Cohen, pulls no punches when he openly brags about the demographic shift that’s making America less White. Cohen, in almost predictable fashion, instantly references the events that took place at Charlottesville to take shots at people who warn about the “Great Replacement” aka the demographic displacement carried out by political elites through mass migration.

The Times writer boldly declared that Trump has “been the stand — I am tempted to say the last stand — of whites against nonwhites.” Cohen also observed that “fear has been Trump’s main weapon” and “currency” of the Trump presidency.

The very concept of defending the nation state and its integrity now seems almost quaint. In fact, trying to defend the national character of a polity immediately warrants parallels to Nazi Germany, which Cohen invoked in his piece (surprise!):

France is worried about Muslims from North Africa. Germans were once so worried about Jews replacing them that they killed six million of them. In a world of mass migration, fear rages: Some idea of the nation will be diluted or lost!

The demographic shift of America is one of the most bragged about trends among the ruling class. By around 2050, non-Hispanic whites will fall below 50 percent of the population.

Nations have every right to determine who enters their territories and who ultimately gets kicked out. Plenty of countries from Japan to Israel have selective migration systems that keep the country’s national identity intact. Why can’t the U.S.?

Furthermore, there are many Americans who hold the right to bear arms and free speech dearly. By importing a new electorate, these rights will perish as America becomes a one-party state that has no respect for any of the foundational principles that made the country unique.

New York Times columnists will never get this, but a growing number of Americans will. More importantly, they will manifest desires for immigration restriction when they vote for President Donald Trump and re-elect him on November 3.