New York State Government Puts Americans Last by Offering Payments of Up to $15,600 to Illegal Aliens During the China Virus Pandemic

Get it in your heads, Americans. Your interests don’t exist.

Foreigners must come first under the twisted multicultural regime Americans have been subjected to.

New York state is at the epicenter of this post-American ethos, which is witnessed by several legislators’ plan to hand out $2.1 billion in China virus aid to illegal aliens who became unemployed during the pandemic.

This fat pile of government aid to illegals is the largest in the country and blows out the $75 million given to illegals in 2020 by California’s government.

The illegal alien fund is part of a broader budget agreement the New York state government crafted. This budget agreement will provide one-time payments to illegal aliens that go up to $15,600.

To receive the money, which is largely extracted from New York’s white population, illegal aliens must demonstrate that they are residents of New York who were eligible to obtain China virus stimulus checks, but were initially denied the checks because of their immigration status.

In the case that an illegal alien cannot bring forward any paperwork, they will still receive $3,200. As Cristina Laila of the Gateway Pundit called to our attention, this is “the same amount of money Americans were given in Covid stimulus checks approved by Congress.”

According to data from the Pew Research Center, there are approximately 725,000 illegal aliens living in New York state.

“This nation’s economy has long been built on the backs of our undocumented workforce, and their essential labor that has helped keep our nation running throughout this pandemic,” New York State Senator Jessica Ramos, a big time proponent of the illegal alien fund, declared in a statement.

There you have it, folks. In Woke America, illegal aliens’ needs take precedence over hard-working Americans. A twisted scenario to say the least, but that’s what happens when anti-white ideology becomes so ingrained in American politics.

At some point, these anti-white fanatics may just evict whites altogether from the lands they built and replace them with foreigners. It may seem crazy, but that’s how the Left’s current logic goes.

The least we could do is to stop these creeps in their tracks before they decide to destroy our country by demographic replacement. Future generations deserve a country that won’t become a multicultural open air prison.