New York Post Journalist, Lia Eustachewich, Allegedly Rationalizes Attempted Murder of Black Lives Matter Victim Adam Haner

The New York Post posted a despicable headline about a man who was nearly killed by the Black Lives Matter mob. The victim, Adam Haner,  was pulled out of his truck and repeatedly beaten until he was viciously kicked in the head and left unconscious. 

The Journalist, Lia Eustachewic, seemingly justifying the horrific beatdown, says the victim posted an “anti-George Floyd meme hours before assault”. You can visit her profile on Twitter by clicking the image below:

The “Anti-George Floyd meme” reads: “George Floyd was a 46-year old felon, high on Fentanyl, and he got 4 televised funerals and 70 days of riots. What does a 5 year old Cannon Hinnant get?”

The meme, regardless of your political leaning, is simply stating the reality of the situation facing the US, as a convicted violent felon gets more attention than a 5 year old child shot in the head execution style by a black criminal.

The horrifying video can be seen here: 

As far as can be seen, the journalist in question, Lia Eustachewich, has not written one story on the horrifying execution of the 5 year old boy Cannon Hinnant, even after national outcry thrust the story into the mainstream.