New York City to Provide Handouts to Families of Illegal Aliens During Lockdowns

In Globohomo America, American citizens always come last and foreigners come first.

The multicultural religion puts non-whites on pedestal, while legacy, white Americans are demonized by educational institutions, politicians, the media, big business, and entertainers.

New York City is at the epicenter of all things unholy with regards to globalist acts and degenerate legislation. And it further validated its status as a huge hub of degeneracy after the New York City Council voted for legislation that would dole out aid to illegal alien families of “frontline” workers who allegedly died of the China virus.

Immigration news website Documented reported that Councilor Francisco Moya, who represents a district that spans the neighborhoods of East Elmhurst, Jackson Heights and Corona — all areas that have been particularly rocked by the pandemic and New York state’s draconian lockdowns — was the individual who introduced the pro-foreigner resolution. This area is known for its diversity and its large immigration population.

Elected officials like Moya claim that immigrants have been hit hard by the pandemic and that the city and state government have done little to support immigrants as many are dying and suffering from unemployment. According to numbers from the Mayor’s Office of Immigration Affairs, 47% of hospital medical workers and over 79% of home healthcare aides hail from foreign countries across New York’s five boroughs.

It is amazing how obsessed the Left is with foreign workers. To think that the Left used to be in favor of immigration restriction in its pro-union phase in the 20th century, just shows how much the Left has deformed in recent decades.

But that’s how politics works. Perpetual change is the norm. However, this kind of change will have to be reversed if we want to preserve the original character of our nation.

We must be ready to demonstrate to voters that the Left does not care about Americans and instead works to promote the interests of foreigners  at Heritage Americans’ expense. This is no longer a debate about boosting GDP. It deals with America’s underlying character and whether or not it’s worth preserving.