SECOND VIDEO LEAKED: OCC Professor Calling Conservatives ‘Hateful’

On Sunday, a new second video was leaked of the Orange Coast College Professor known as Olga Perez Cox.  The video shows the human sexuality teacher continuing her indoctrination on students, calling conservatives ‘hateful’ and also going as far as saying “The fact that we (Orange County) did vote democrat, gives me hope for our neighbors and people in this area.”

Here is the new video:

We sat down with the student who posted the videos online on Saturday and he had a lot to say about the situation.  He also touched on how the teacher and the union were threatening baseless expulsion claims and punishments for people opposing these views.  Students in her class as reported by ABC 7, said that they opposed her rhetoric, but were scared to stand up to her.  The student who posted the videos, Joshua Martinez, told us a few other things that are going on around campus as well that were quite concerning.