EXPOSED: New Evidence Shows The ADL May Be Controlling Internet Censorship and Even Putting Disclaimers On Books You Buy

The Diversity Industry: Censorship Edition 

Many of you may have likely read about the ADL working with Google and YouTube as of recently to police content online, but new research has been uncovered in the below video presentation that shows how deep this truly goes.

From Alex Jones and Steven Crowder to Jared Taylor and hundreds of other conservative channels getting strikes on YouTube and bans on twitter, this might be the most important issue that we face today.

Steven Crowder of ‘Louder with Crowder’ is the most recent victim of internet censorship.  He was banned from twitter today for 7 days after a video he posted on YouTube, a totally different platform.  Oh yeah, and the YouTube video was also removed, leaving Crowder with a 90 day ban from live streaming.


Well someone has figured out exactly who is behind this recent surge of censorship. A former Jewish Lawyer from New York has uncovered some extremely disturbing info regarding the deep and far reaching depths of an censorship campaign that is driven by the Jewish Advocacy group called the ADL (Anti-Defamation League.)

No we aren’t talking about something that is taking place in North Korea, this is occurring right here in the former ‘free speech capital’ of the world, America. And very few people know about it.

From creating a machine learning algorithm called the ‘online hate index,’ to lobbying Amazon to put disclaimer notes on certain books they sell that say “warning from the ADL,” this video will take you right out of America as you know it and right into a world that is 10,000 times worse than George Orwell’s 1984