New Orleans Riot Breaks Out During Anti-Trump Protest, “Black Power” Written On Monuments

Half of America is seemingly very angry that Donald J. Trump is the next President of the United States. The nation was so shocked that college students were given the day after the election off to allow for several anti-Trump protests to commence, while other places of employment brought in cope dogs for their employees who still had to work.

Yes, that actually happened.

Another interesting story out of New Orleans is also grabbing attention. Hundreds of people showed up to protest Trump, and seemingly “white supremacy” attached to him name, before a full blown riot broke out in Louisiana.

According to Breitbart, Lee Circle which is made up of a confederate Robert E. Lee traffic monument was ridden with graffiti that said “Black Power” and “Dismantle White Supremacy.”

Isn’t that odd how this group was supposedly protesting “white supremacy” yet they wrote “black power” on the monument? Who’s really the one spreading hate and segregation here?

Now that portions of New Orleans were damaged, the city will have to spend money for workers to clean it up today. Not only was this another example of a supposed “peaceful protest” that turned into rioting, but it’s also a direct response from the left due to the results of the Presidential election.

Yet, Trump is blamed for being full of hate?