New Orleans Public High School Holds Racism Workshop Led By Black Lives Matter Protester

Your High Schools Are Marxist…

Ben Franklin high school is the next to come under fire after Teacher Kady Clincy posted a video on Facebook saying that ‘only white people can be racist,’ along with several other nuggets that you typically hear from a Marxist.   The difference is that this is a high school teacher and not the normal college professor we usually hear this from.  The indoctrination machine is targeting younger and younger kids.

The biggest story is though that this publicly funded high school reportedly paid for a workshop called “overcoming racism” which was 100% mandatory for all teachers to attend.  The video that Kady Clincy posted sounded verbatim what Matthew Kincaid, the founder of the workshop, says in his seminars.

Matthew Kincaid giving a seminar to high school students at Whitfield School (Photo from overcoming racism website)

A testimony from Catalina Martinez, the direct or “diversity and inclusion” at Whitfield School in St Louis also praised the workshop.  Matthew Kincaid was recently invited to speak at Whitfield which is a school that includes grades of only 6 to 12.

Here is what she had to say about the course…

“The content of the workshops and his passionate and engaging delivery were powerful and transformative for our school. I was impressed by the empathy he showed to our students and by the way he easily connected to them. Anti-racism work is difficult work, yet Matthew’s years of training and experience, his command of the room and his ability to read and connect to his audience are huge assets. Add to that a high level of professionalism, great communications skills and a real investment in making our school communities safer and truly inclusive spaces for our children, and you have a unique combination that is difficult to find elsewhere. Both adults and students have asked for Overcoming Racism to come back and it is our hope that we can make Overcoming Racism an integral part of our diversity work at Whitfield School.”

-Catalina Martinez (Director of Diversity and Inclusion) Whitfield School, St. Louis, MO

After Clincy’s video came to The Red Elephants, we were contacted by several concerned teachers who stated that the political atmosphere at Ben Franklin high is ‘strangling,’ and that some teachers after the workshop even had to pull out dictionaries to show what Clincy said was factually incorrect and that all races can be racist.