New Antifa Attack Gets Man Arrested For Defending Himself – Proud Boys Start Legal Defense Fund

Tom Christensen, known as “Trigger Tom” to some, has once again been assaulted by Chicago Antifa thugs, and is now facing felony charges for using a knife in self-defense.

CHICAGO – Tom Christensen is a member of the Proud Boys, and a punk music enthusiast, a Trump supporter and friend to many local conservative and libertarian Chicagoans. He is also the latest innocent victim of the radical violent Left and their Antifa brown shirts.

Our readers may recall the April 11th incident where Tom was assaulted by multiple Antifa at Delilah’s Chicago on Lincoln Ave., beaten with pool cues and hospitalized. The recent incident occurred on August 8th after a Rancid concert Tom attended. After being spotted by local Antifa at the event, Tom was forced to defend himself when a group chased and cornered him outside Northerly Island, the venue hosting the punk concert at Chicago’s Huntington Bank Pavilion. A recent Sun Times article reported that law enforcement is concerned with how a weapon was able to get into the secured park.

Tom sustained serious injuries in the Antifa assault on April 11th at Delilah’s.

Perhaps they should concern themselves with the fact that a radical group of violent militant leftists are stalking and attacking innocent individuals by falsely labeling them “nazis” or “white supremacists”.  Across the nation we are seeing the criminal actions of these “alt-left” groups such as Antifa, BAMN, SHARP, ARA and other radical socialist groups organizing under the false narrative of “anti-fascism”. All of these groups actually employ the tactics of fascism, using threats, violence and slander to silence anyone they deem their enemy. Conservatives, Trump supporters, sympathetic or honest citizen journalists, or even just an unlucky soul who has crossed paths with these neo-fascist groups are targeted, their personal info is doxxed, and they are stalked, threatened and attacked.

Recent neo-fascist actions suggest they are now trying to provoke individuals into self-defense and then have their victim arrested on assault charges, particularly in sanctuary cities with liberal judges. Using constant online threats, and past incidents of violence, these groups terrorize individuals, creating a need for personal protection. They then attack the victim in groups, where they can control the situation and have “witnesses” (fellow Antifa) to help direct charges not to the neo-fascist instigators, but to the victim defending themself. This was the tactic used against Tom Christensen on Aug. 8th.

Tom has been a long time target of these groups after a personal conflict in Portland with a neo-fascist, who then labeled Tom as a “neo-nazi” and initiated an all out slander campaign against Tom. They began stalking and doxxing his every move, sharing his info to a network of violent neo-fascist groups, repeating again and again their false smear of “neo-nazi”. Even after moving across the country to Chicago, these groups continued to stalk and threaten Tom in his new city.

This eventually led to the assault on April 11th, in which Tom was hospitalized, and that led to the recent incident on Aug. 8th where Tom was arrested for self-defense. Using the false slander of “racist”, these groups have terrorized this man tirelessly and have ruined his life.

The Proud Boys have organized a legal defense fund to cover the cost of Tom’s legal defense, and a commissary fund to help him have creature comforts while incarcerated awaiting the slow Chicago legal process. The nationwide organization, started by Gavin McInnes, is a counter voice to the social justice warrior cries for historic revisionism. The group was started as a way to restore men’s clubs and to take pride in Western civilization again.  Despite being a multi racial group, they too have been labeled “white supremacist” and “racist” for their pride in Western civilization, and have been labeled “alt-right” by the fake news media. I spoke with the founder, Gavin McInnes, about the growing threat to innocent individuals by these neo-fascist hate groups.

Gavin McInnes, founder of the Proud Boys and host of The Gavin McInnes show, speaking the truth, “Antifa makes up lies”. He has set up a legal defense fund to help Tom Christensen.

“They (neo-fascists) get this martyr status. They are heroes in their group. Oh cool, you got cut fighting a nazi, they say, you’re a badass. But they’re terrorists. I almost feel bad for these guys because they are getting cut over a lie they made up themselves. They actually think they are doing the world a favor, like they are stopping a young Hitler. In reality, they are just mentally ill skinheads.”

Recent violence and vandalism across the country is the work of the neo-fascist left. In Charlottesville, innocent journalists were assaulted by Alt-Left militants, merely for not expressing open support for BLM and Antifa. Statues across the country are being vandalized, with the vandals demanding amnesty for their crimes because they believe they are right to break the law in “tearing down racism”. Individuals are being threatened and stalked for merely stating support for historical accuracy, and even the president is being excoriated in the media for calling out the violence of the Alt-Left. The neo-fascist ideology of squashing speech they disagree with, and targeting individuals based on false accusations of racism is an epidemic that has infected every major news organization from CNN to FOX and is poisoning our democracy with the terror tactics made popular by Goebbels and other actual Nazis. Repeat the lie, enough, they say, it becomes the truth.

“A rumor can get you put in prison. It can happen to anyone.”

This is what Gavin McInnes tells me, and he is sadly telling a truth of our modern times. These radical neo-fascists have a stated goal of imposing global socialism by force by destroying our national sovereignty, and they are doing it in the streets and in the halls of government. They will attack anyone violently who they think is in their way. Until these groups are properly designated as anti-American terror groups, and their connections to democratic politics are revealed, we Americans will be forced to deal with the violence and terror they create.

Even today, a local Chicago neo-fascist group, South Side ARA continues to terrorize Tom online, tweeting about “pool lessons” in a reference to his April 11th hospitalization.  At Tom’s recent hearing, two Antifa “protestors” were arrested for disobeying police orders, at a rally where agitators called law enforcement officers “neo-nazis” as well.  No one is immune from their lies.

South Side ARA (Anti-Racist Action) tweets show the ongoing terrorization these groups engage in.

We must demand the federal government investigate and shut down these domestic terror organizations. Call or write the DOJ and demand that Antifa and other Alt-Left groups be designated terror groups, and be investigated for their crimes. Send any links to Antifa sites or threats, any video, any information you have to them. We must help their investigation with the vast evidence we patriots have of Alt-Left crimes. The DOJ contact info can be found at this link.

If you are able or would like to contribute to Tom’s legal defense fund, and/or his commissary fund, you can contribute through Paypal at Use the Paypal addresses below.

Legal Defense Fund for Tom Christensen:
Commissary Fund :

Thank you for doing your part to help a fellow patriot.  Stand strong against these anti-American forces, fellow patriots. As Trump says, covfefe – “In the end, we win.”