Far From Acceptable, But It’s A Start – A Guide To Trumpcare

Competition = Price Decreases = Quality

Finally, after the fiery scolding by Matt Drudge, the house republicans got off their collective arses and are introducing a new repeal and replace plan for the economy killer ‘Affordable Care Act.’ Before we get to how it will work, lets talk about why this replace is extremely necessary and may be one of the most critical things for the economy that the Trump administration will ever do.  And why even a bastardized bill at the hands of Paul Ryan will be worlds better than Obamacare.

ACA Was a Small Business And Jobs Killer:
  • There are approximately 2.2 million small businesses in America and recent statistics show that around 35% of these businesses only employ up to 49 employees currently, to avoid the ACA (Obamacare) from kicking in and bankrupting them.
  • If Obamacare is replaced with a privatized deal, the roughly 200,000 to 770,000 small business that are capping off at 49 employees will be able to hire more employees immediately.
  • By this math, this will create/restore anywhere between 2 million up to even 5 million  jobs throughout America almost immediately.
  • Even though millions have coverage that didn’t have coverage before, at the same time, millions have lost their coverage due to the unaffordable healthcare act, lost their doctor and were taxed at the end of the year every year for not having coverage.
  • Some of the largest providers like United Health, have dropped out of the Obamacare market due to massive losses in revenue which led to decreased options, decreased quality, decrease in numbers of doctors and decrease in medical progressivism.

Think of it like this; Does the DMV or the US Post office have to care about what level of customer service standards they hold up to? No.  Because they are centralized socialist programs, where their employees are paid by the federal government, with your tax dollars regardless.  So when you’re told to go to window number 15 and then told at window 15 that you don’t have the proper paperwork and you have to set up another appointment, will complaining make them care? No.  Because they have no competition.

Socialist plans like Bernie Sanders’ socialized ‘single payer’ healthcare proposal won’t only just raise your taxes off the charts, it would also make your hospitals and doctors offices will start to look a lot like this.

How The New Plan Will Generally Work

So now that we have been through why socialist programs like socialized healthcare, the USPS  and the DMV don’t work, lets go through why privatized free market is best, and always will be.

Trump-Care Will Boost Quality And Economy
  • With competition comes quality.  You will soon be able to buy healthcare across state lines.
  • They will still find a tax or penalty loop to ensure people with pre-existing health conditions are guaranteed “access” to health insurance, “and that we have a stable transition for Americans currently enrolled in the health-care exchanges.
  • It will give people who buy their own health coverage tax credits and expanded health savings accounts to help pay for their coverage, as well as flexibility about the design of their plans.
  • It will give states “the resources and flexibility” in their Medicaid programs “to make sure no one is left out.” Medicaid covers primarily poor people.
  • Legal reforms to protect doctors and patients “from unnecessary costs” that drive up insurance costs, and to bring down the price of high-cost drugs.

With competition comes quality:  

Think about when you walk into your local  grocery store. Why do they say “good morning” to you, why do they say “thanks for shopping with us?” Well, it’s because they know that you could be going right down the street to another store, or to a store closer to your home, so they have to make sure you have the BEST experience possible there.  With the DMV, not so much.

The same goes for healthcare, only its a lot more important than groceries. If your healthcare is centralized and run by big brother, they don’t have the inherent urgency to make sure you have a good experience or that standards are high. This is the exact reason, no matter how many people tell you differently, that hoards of people come to the United States to get better healthcare.  For instance, in Canada and the Norse countries, where socialized healthcare is in place, the wait times are astronomical and the quality of care is subpar at best. Some Canadians have expressed that wait times are even worse than VA hospitals.  Oh look! Another government managed health program gone wrong.


So do you want the same ‘big brother’ that has a 75 BILLION (with a B) annual budget for the department of education, has controlled the nation’s education since the early 80’s, and can’t even break the top 10 in global education, running your healthcare?