Nevada Whistleblower Exposes Nevada Mail-In Vote Chicanery

A whistleblower in Nevada put out an affidavit alleging that election supervisors counted mail-in ballots despite questions about the validity of their signatures. According to the Washington Examiner, Clark County is where the majority of voters are concentrated in Nevada.

The whistleblower started to work as a counting board member at the Clark County elections office in the middle of October. The whistleblower abruptly left his job on November 6 as a ballot counter “due to concerns about how the votes were being counted.” The Department of Justice received the affidavit.

“I personally witnessed disregard of signature verification as well as other irregularities,” the whistleblower stated in the affidavit. “While working, I observed a significant number of signatures on mail-in ballots I believe did not match the name and should have been reviewed. When I asked the supervisors, [redacted] and others, about it, instead of taking the ballots to verify the signature in the electronic database, the supervisor told me to push the envelope through without verification.”

Back in August, elected officials in Nevada modified the law to send all registered voters a mail-in ballot.

Nevada lawmakers in August changed the law to send every registered voter a mail-in ballot, which resulted in a large number of ballots being sent to old addresses or to dead people.

In one case, the whistleblower claimed that a voter reported on the envelope of a mail-in ballot with an address listed of a place that the individual in question no longer lives at.

“This ballot should have been listed as a rejected ballot, but the supervisor instructed me to push the ballot through,” the affidavit read.

Registrar of voters in Clark County Joe Gloria responded:

The people on the counting board don’t have access to the signature map. So that’s work that takes place here in this building before it ever gets to the county. So I think that explains. I’m not completely familiar with what exactly the individuals was talking about in specific instances, but we we have an explanation for anything that he may have seen.

Initially, the whistle-blower brought this irregularity forward to the Nevada Republican Party, which established a system where voters can file complaints regarding voter fraud and other irregularities.

The Trump campaign and other Republicans have brought attention with problems dealing with counted ballots in Nevada. The presumptive President-elect Joe Biden leads the state by a 50.1 percent to 47.7 percent count.

Recently, Republicans filed a lawsuit and sent a complaint to the Justice Department. In these legal motions, they alleged that the county’s election officials did not properly maintain the voter list, which led to 3,000 voters who had changed their address to reflect their move out of Nevada to still end up voting in the 2020 general election. The Clark County elections office claims that some of these names include military voters who can legally vote in Nevada while temporarily living out of state.

On November 6, 2020 a federal judge blocked a Trump campaign effort to invalidate the use of a machine that verified voter signatures on mail-in ballots. It’s sad to say that the political establishment may end up stealing the 2020 election. This means that gun control, attacks on free speech, and mass migration will likely be on deck. Regardless of the outcome, the Right must come to grips with the fact that voter fraud is real and must be confronted. Not waking up to this reality will lead to more stolen elections.