Neo-Conservatism has Failed!—AFPAC Coming to D.C.

Conservatism has a found a new home within the America First Political Action Conference, a first of it’s kind event that is set to rival the establishment’s beloved CPAC this February in D.C.

Who will be speaking:

  • Michelle Malkin
  • Nicholas J. Fuentes
  • Scott Greer
  • Patrick Casey

With special guests yet to be announced

Where Neo-Conservatism has failed, true Conservatism with an America First platform will succeed. AFPAC will highlight the ineffective Neo-Conservative agenda of MORE legal immigration, failure to preserve social norms / proliferating the LGBT agenda and a total abandonment of the first amendment.

The America First Political Action Conference will provide an alternative approach to issues concerning the American people in one of the most important political cycles of our lifetime. In short, where CPAC has failed, America First (AFPAC) will succeed!

To register for AFPAC please email: