The National Anthem At The Army / Navy Game Today Will Give You Chills

The Army / Navy game tradition goes back for decades, but today marks the first year in 14 years that the Army pulled off a win against the Navy.  From the Cubs winning the world series, Donald Trump winning the election, Army beating Navy and England seceding from the European Union, 2016 has been an amazing year of things that aren’t supposed to happen, happening.

Today before President-elect Trump arrived at the game there was the most beautiful rendition of the national anthem, and there were zero special snowflakes or self proclaimed “victims” kneeling for it.

Have a look:

As Donald Trump stepped foot inside the stadium, the crowd, made up mostly of midshipmen and military personnel from all walks of life, gave him a loud enough standing ovation to nearly drown out the voices of the announcers of the game:

This is enough to make any america loving person proud.