Muslim Women Bash Alicia Keys’ Tweet Of Her Wearing Hijab

Alicia Keys recently tweeted out a photo of herself wearing a full burka while posing for a camera with her bare leg, in high heels, accentuated while the photograph was taken.  She captions the photo tweet with “Our strength is in our differences. Our power is in our diversity. We are so beautiful. All of us. When we see each other we see ourselves.”


After receiving much backlash for the photo, Keys deleted the tweet. One of the more popular responses to the ridiculous tweet was by Muslim writer, Shireen Qudosi. In a series of back-and-forth tweets, Qudosi pointed out the irony of Keys’ “liberating” language, given what the niqab symbolizes:


After the Twitter firestorm and subsequent deleting of the tweet, Faithwire interviewed Qudosi regarding the twitter exchange to get more of what she had to say in response to the controversial tweet and American women trying to normalize the oppression of women that takes place in parts of the world.

Speaking to Faithwire, Qudosi further explained her objections to Keys’ glamorization of what she believes is a symbol of female “oppression and supremacy.”

“I’m a Muslim woman who holds on to what’s beautiful about my Eastern heritage, while also forging a new American Muslim identity,” Qudosi told Faithwire in an email. “When Alicia Keys romanticizes the niqab under the banner of diversity, she promotes the most savage and barbaric Arab tribalism that sees women as something to be possessed and contained. When I see good-intentioned people call primitivism beautiful, that’s as offensive as someone saying American slave history was ‘beautiful and diverse.’”

Qudosi called Keys’ tweet “horrific,” adding that those who blindly mistake symbols of bondage for “diversity” are engaging in a dangerous moral game.

“America is built on diversity, but not all ideas are equal and deserve sanctuary — especially those that don’t mirror American values,” she continued. “The niqab has no place in American society. It should never be entertained let alone glorified.”

This is just another example of the leftist’s globalist agenda, trying to normalize and lessen the seriousness of the oppression on women that takes place in Muslim countries.  Nothing is more of a literal definition of the islamic abuse and oppression of women than the niqab, burka or hijab.  Qudosi explains that in niqab-wearing societies, Keys would be beaten and likely killed for showing any skin whatsoever, let alone a bare leg in high heels.