Muslim Imam Warned Deblasio of Imminent Attacks Last Year, Was Ignored

Liberal Lunacy

It has been confirmed by authorities that Sayfullo Saipov, the man involved in the New York truck attack, planned this attack for over a year.  But that is not the most infuriating part of this entire occurrence. A highly regarded Muslim leader, Imam Tawhidi apparently also warned Bill Deblasio of possible attacks like this back in 2016.  This would be right around the time that Saipov was planning this attack.  If DeBlasio would have heeded Tawhidi’s warnings, 8 people would possibly still be going home to their children, wives, husbands, brothers and sisters.

Tawhidi recently tweeted out his letter to the Mayor, reminding him and the lunatic left of the warning…

In Tawhidi’s letter to the mayor, he states that he has become aware of certain mosques and islamic centers that he believed were currently and possibly still are radicalizing members.

While the media, the left and people like DeBlasio are trying their hardest to downplay the gravity of this situation and disregard publicly the hundreds and hundreds of islamic centers that are currently, essentially preaching violent jihad to their members, other liberal outlets are trying equally hard to make this terrorist look less… well brown.

Just goes to show you what liberal lunacy brings you.  Chuck Schumer was one of the liberal loons who advocated and supported the ‘diversity’ visa program that brought in Saipov and TWENTY THREE other members of his family that most likely also believe that honor killings are justified.