Muslim Gang In Liverpool Attacks Strangers Because They Were White/Christian


A popular UK paper, The Sun, is reporting that a gang of Muslim men descended upon Liverpool centre and started attacking multiple strangers, viciously beating one man in particular.

Gary Bohanna, one of the victims, was asked by two of the men his religion. When Bohanna responded that he was Christian, Mohmed, 24, and Mohammed, 20, started to attack him relentlessly screaming “why aren’t you Muslim.”

Faruq, 19, was the third man, also filmed Mohmed punching St Helens councillor Paul Lynch to the ground, as his terrified girlfriend tried to protect him.

Liverpool Crown Court was told fellow Muslim Edris Nosrati spotted two of the gang as they attacked a man in Bold street.

Prosecutor Paul Treble said: “He was concerned because one of them seemed to be using racist language, talking about Muslims and Christians. “One of them came came up to Mr Nostati and said ‘are you a Muslim?’ Mr Nosrati said he was, but the man asked him ‘what’s the Muslim word?’” 

The bystander replied with the Arabic phrase “There is only one God, and Muhammad is his messenger”. Mr Nosrati was then told he could leave, but when he bravely tried to intervene in the attack, he was told “it’s none of your business.” The court was shown footage filmed by Faruq capturing the moment Mohmed punched Mr Lynch, a politician, with a “sickening blow” that could be “seen and heard”.

Terror cops raided the Bolton homes of all three men following the attack, which happened in March last year. Recorder Louise Brandon said that following the assault on Mr Lynch “frightened Miss Newton who ‘had no idea what they were going to do next’. She said Mohammed “confirmed that the victims were targeted because they were white and non-Muslim”. Mohmed wept as he was cage for 42 weeks. Mohammed and Faruq were ordered to serve 42 and 18 weeks in a young offenders institution, respectively.