The Movie Hunter Killer and Colorado Proposition 112

Hunter Killer is a Great Movie and if you Voted for Donald J Trump you are going to laugh so hard you can’t breathe for a good five minutes.  As long as you are willing to suspend belief and remember that the average idiot needs to see a torpedo narrowly miss a ship everything should be hunky dory. But really it has one of the best gut laughs of 2018. I don’t want to spoil it for you, trust me, it is funnier than even the funniest bad southern accent by Nic Cage in Con Air.


I’ve spent some time in Midland. For those of you not aware, it is a nice place in the middle of West Texas. It is a dense red counterweight to the hippies in Austin. Well, not hippies, they used to be hippy cowboys but now the Californian refugees have invaded and turned it into the sort of authoritarian progressive danger field that has now infested Colorado.  Back to Midland, since the discovery of oil, has become a place where anyone with a drivers license and drug free urine can make north of $100,000 a year

This is the prosperity of Oil and Gas.


Currently if you own land in Colorado, if you have really granola neighbors you can’t drill within 500 feet of their property, or within 500 feet of any stream or river, because communism. Or if you have a shady realtor sell you a house, and three weeks later your neighbor drops a giant rig on his fenceline, you sort of have a problem. This wasn’t enough meddling into neighbors affairs so someone in between taking bong hits in Boulder got some crayons and wrote Proposition 112. The new bill is going to increase this magical non scientific boundary to 2500 feet, because if there’s one thing liberals want to do, it is remove your ability to make any money on your own.

Boulder Daily Camera’s Case for Passing Prop 112 Not Supported By the Facts


The main goal of Proposition 112 is to force people out of dead end fields like engineering and welding and into growing fields like underwater basket weaving and gender studies.

The Colorado Department of Public Health has tried really hard to distance itself from the ‘safety claims’ of the people trying to pass Prop 112, and better yet, pot smoking hippies in Boulder seem to think that when you eliminate 137,000 jobs that make easily $100,000 a year from the economy, it won’t affect the incomes of local servers, pizza delivery drivers, and weed dealers or anybody else for that matter.

This chart, how fun. Somehow a lone professor from the Colorado School of Mines belives this will result in a tripling of available drilling space. His solution? Horizontal Drilling, which is best explained by this: