Mother Of One Reveals Horrific Abuse By Muslim Boyfriend

21 Year Old Mother Of One Comes Out – Reveals Her Story Of The Appalling Events Her Partner Put Her Through.

Atlanta Hammond, from Braintree, Essex, recounts that she was abused physically and verbally by her boyfriend for years.  She was even banned from going out or seeing her friends and forced to quit her job in respect of her boyfriend’s ‘religious beliefs.”

Hammond says that she has been seeing her boyfriend since she was 18 years old and said that it has been a relationship that took a quick turn for the worst.  She says that when they first met, he treated her like a ‘queen’ and it quickly changed from then.

When she threatened to leave, he threatened to post a video he filmed of him raping her while she slept, on Facebook if she even thought about leaving him.


Her boyfriend, Hali Cetinkayali, 30, is described by Atlanta as a ‘loyal’ Muslim.  Atlanta had a great job as a caregiver, which Halil made her quit stating it was out of respect for “his religion.”

After longstanding abuse, she once googled his name on the internet and found that he was actually using an alias, and was wanted by police for an unknown reason.

This is starting to sound like something out of that show “Who The (Bleep) Did I marry.”

When she confronted him about it, he quickly turned even more violent.  This is when he showed her the video of him sexually assaulting her while she was asleep, threatening to ‘post it all over FaceBook.’

She told The Sun: “I didn’t have to do anything to get hit. I didn’t Say the wrong thing, answer back, talk to the wrong person. He’d make me sit on the phone to him all night if I was at a friend’s house. I wasn’t allowed to see any male friends. In fact, eventually, he banned me seeing anyone but my mom – and for those times he’d buy me concealer.”


Atlanta took the opportunity one night to attempt to escape the quasi-slavery captivity of Halil as he slept one night.  She snuck out and hailed a cab in route to her Mother’s house.  Hail woke up and caught her trying to leave.  He ran out and stabbed her in the hip.

It was after this attack that Atlanta ultimately went to the police.  Yet scared to, she told her story. Halil was arrested with stabbing with intent.  But the power over Atlanta, and more threats proved to be too much yet again and he forced her to retract her police statement.  Halil was then released on house arrest with an ankle bracelet.

In a one last ditched effort to escape this horrendous relationship, she texted pictures of her cuts and bruises to Halil one day.  She said that if he posted the video of the two in bed, she would post the pictures of the abuse that she had endured.

As insane as it sounds, Halil then proceeded to post the images himself onto Facebook, along with the caption ‘This is the girl I beat up and cheat on daily for two years’. 

Atlanta broke off all contact with Halil afterwards, and wouldn’t see him again until she returned to her home one day to find him lying on her bed.  He chased her into the street and viciously attacked her in broad daylight, leading neighbours to call for the police.

It was after his arrest that Atlanta finally told police officers the whole story of her physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her partner.

Halil was sentenced to 19 years and eight months in prison in April.

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