MLB Moves All-Star Game from Atlanta and Donald Trump Calls for His Supporters to Boycott the League for its Wokeness

Will Conservatives ever get the memo that corporate America is not their friend?

The rapidly consolidating woke state is becoming more aggressive by the day, with mega corporations acting as the Pinkerton enforcement arm of the anti-white multicultural state. When a state decides to stand up for election integrity, these degenerate corporations immediately start flexing their economic muscles to strangle the state into economic submission.

Just look at the case of Georgia. On April 2, 2021, Major League Baseball Commissioner Robert D. Manfred, Jr. announced that the MLB would move the 2021 All Star Game and Draft from Atlanta after Georgia committed the egregious crime of passing a voter integrity law. In woke America, championing election integrity is deemed to be a crime against humanity. That’s how twisted the country’s moral compass is.

The All Star Game was originally slated to be held at the Trust Park stadium —the Atlanta Braves’ stadium — on July 13. Similarly, the draft was initially going to be held in Atlanta from July 11 to July 13.

On March 31, 2021 Joe Biden said on ESPN that he “would strongly support” the MLB’s decision to move the game and even went as far as to declare that Georgia’s voter integrity law is “Jim Crow on steroids.”

Under the new law, a photo ID is required to apply for an absentee ballot. Democrats have adamantly opposed voter ID laws because they want to expand the electorate as much as possible by creating fake ballots and allowing illegal aliens to vote.

On the night of April 2, former President Donald Trump released a statement calling on his supporters to boycott the sports league for siding with corrupt Democrats’ efforts to rig elections.

Americans need to unplug from the Idiot Box and focus on important activities like starting families, getting their finances in order, improving their health, and raising strong families. Stop giving your time and resources to institutions that hate you.