Why America’s Demographic Shift Will Turn Texas Blue

The U.S. is projected to have no racial or ethnic group as its majority within the next several decades, but that day apparently is already here for the nation’s youngest children, according to new Census Bureau population estimates.

This is of course of particular concern to Republicans and conservatives in America.

As the White non-hispanic population quickly becomes the minority in America, republicans soon might never be able to win elections again given the way that minorities have voted since 1965, will vote today, and always will vote into the future.

The only ethnic category that has ever surpassed 50% for either party is the white non-hispanic population as they seem to and will always be the only true swing voter.

The recent birth news is of particular concern for republicans. In the recent senate election of the midterms, we witnessed states turning blue that have not been blue since the 1920’s and 1960’s respectively.  This was of course the case for Arizona and will be the case for Texas soon.  By 2030, if the trend continues it will actually be mathematically impossible for a democrat to lose the state of Texas in the presidential or senate elections. White non-Hipanics are projected to finally become the absolute minority in the state come 2020.

All hispanics have to do is show up to the polls and republicans will lose every time.  Most analysts predict that by 2024 or 2028 is when we will see Texas go blue forever.

In the top five counties in Texas that make up 36% of all Texans for example, Beto O’rourke received almost 80% of all the Latino votes compared to just over 20% for Ted Cruz.  The Texas elections are becoming closer and closer as the years pass due to the sharp demographic change of America driven by low birth rates of whites, heavy immigration of millions per year, and high birth rates of everyone else.

What happened in California will happen to Texas as well and soon.  The state of Reagan and Nixon turned blue and stayed blue forever driven mostly by Regan’s amnesty of 1986 and the 1965 Hart-Celler immigration act pushed by Jewish-American politician Emmanuel Celler.

The reason why Texas has not gone blue quicker is because the lack of unionization and the right to work the state has.  But it will come.

Another reason why this demographic shift should be of particular concern to constitutionalists, is the way that the soon-to-be majority polls on the second and the first amendment.

For example, according to PEW Research and the CATO institute, over 70% of Hispanics and over 70% of black Americans say that it is more important to control gun ownership than to protect gun rights.

Even more concerning is the fact that over 70% of Hispanics and over 70% of black Americans say that ‘hate speech’ is the same as violence, and over 50% of Hispanics and over 50% of black Americans say that the government should criminalize ‘hate speech.’

The supreme court has ruled on this multiple times and unanimously ruled that ‘hate speech’ is protected under the first amendment. Soon this will not matter though as the supreme court and all other courts, as well as government will be dominated by the coming majority in the coming years. Politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will reign.

Even if all legal immigration were to be halted, and the borders closed completely with a 100 foot wall, this demographic shift is already underway and complete because the white non-hispanic population has been coerced into not having any more children while media and academia frivolously works to breaks families apart.