College Students Pick Fight With ‘Good Ole Boys’ – Instantly Regret It

Most ‘America Video Ever?

Several OSU Students were recorded riding down a back road in Pawnee county alongside a large Pickup truck.  One of them pulled up alongside a Truck seemingly picking a ‘road fight,’ against a vehicle that outweighs his by about three thousand pounds. Needless to say, things did not turn out well. Any biker out there knows that the worst time to talk trash is on a one lane road alongside a pickup truck. One jerk of the steering wheel and you are dead. But road rage is funny, so they stay at it.

At about the 1:13 mark, they do the only mature thing: PULL OVER AND FIGHT IT OUT.

At the start of the video no pick up trucks are visible, at the one minute mark, only one pickup truck is visible. When the truck pulls over a second pickup truck is waiting.


The Following is A Where’s Waldo List of things to Spot:

1. Where does the guy with the shotgun come from.

2. The Pocket Knife

3. Illegal Facemask Contact

4. Wife Upset.

5. The moment 4 Pickup Trucks are visible.

6. Where does the guy in the white shirt come from.

7. Overalls Medic.

8. Anyone Taking Sunglasses on or Off

9. Fight Number 2.

10. The handoff of the camera.

The video has a historic feel to it, like when Nolan Ryan owned Robin Ventura:

The video ends with a poignant moment where guy in the blue pickup truck chastises the bikers for going into a fight and pulling off the road when they knew they outnumbered the one guy in the truck, and that they knew what they were trying to do in their hearts: intimidate a fellow. Somehow, in classic American fashion, the men end their fist fight letting bygones be bygones, wishing each other a good day, and most important of all, right at the end, the feller in the truck gets assurance that the bikers aren’t going to get no Po-Leese involved and announces he will pray for everyone.


In case anyone was wondering, yes, this is exactly how rural America operates 24/7.