Migrants from Terror Hotspots Will Flood in Under Biden

If Joe Biden is installed as president on January  20, 2021, immigration mayhem is bound to ensue.

Todd Bensman of the Center of Immigration Studies paints a picture of a new wave of dangerous migrants that will likely be making their way to the U.S.’s Southwest Border. The media has been giddily predicting an increase in the number of illegal aliens for next year. Biden’s open border message, and more importantly his concrete policies, will be a magnet for migrants not just south of the border but also migrants from across the world to come stateside.

Bensman highlighted how migrants from over 150 countries have been jamming up America’s immigration system. The Wuhan virus outbreak threw a wrench in the globalists’ plans after governments were forced to shut down their borders. Now, these migrants are anxiously waiting for the moment in 2021 when the U.S. decides to re-open the floodgates.

These migrants are not exactly peaceful or law-abiding as Bensman observed in his piece:

As the Center for Immigration Studies has frequently reported, migrants from very distant countries are known in aptly descriptive government parlance as “extra-continentals” or, if they are from countries where violent jihadist ideology is ubiquitous, “special interest aliens”. (See this January 2020 CIS video report about extra-continental and special interest alien migration.)

The fact remains that opening up the floodgates to the Third World creates a plethora of problems for the U.S. as the country becomes a recipient of migrants with potential terrorist or common criminal backgrounds. Many of these countries are complete trash heaps that cannot keep tabs on terrorists and criminals, thus there’s no criminal or terrorist records that Western governments can turn to when these migrants arrive. Countries such as Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen are just a few of the most terror-stricken countries which may have scores of terrorists who will hide among refugees and wreak havoc on Western countries once they’re settled down.

According to CBP statistics, extra-continental migrant apprehensions at the southern border increased more than twofold since July, going from 2,526 to 5,752 up until the end of November. This has occurred even with the tough measures at the border that Trump implemented during the Wuhan pandemic.

Bensman highlighted that Panama is currently the main rest stop for extra-continental migrants whose final destination is the U.S. These migrants are just biding their time and are waiting for Biden’s eventual announcement to open up the borders.

America is at a crossroads right now. Biden represents a reversion to the status quo of uncontrolled migration full-stop. By continuing these policies, Biden is guaranteeing that his party will swamp America demographically with foreigners who will inevitably become a bloc vote for the Democrat Party.

More importantly, having alien invaders come by the millions will lead to the destruction of the very system of government that many American revolutionaries and their posterity fought and died to preserve. All of this sacrifice will be in vain if America is turned into a globohomo cesspool through unrestricted migration.