Migrant Children Rolled Up like Burritos in Cages as Biden Border Crisis Surges

The U.S. Southern Border is under siege. Illegal crossings have surged over the last 3 months as the Biden administration turns a blind eye to illegal entities and the American lives they will affect. If republicans wish to stop illegal immigration, then they need to stand against all immigration and force the democrats meet them half way.

Ted Cruz: “Democrats are the real child migrant cage builders”

Ted Cruz, and the rest of the GOP need to take a hard stance on legal immigration if they are going to win on any front. They need to be advocating ZERO immigration if they think they have any chance at stopping illegal immigration. By taking a hard stance on all immigration, you would force your enemies to start small, on legal immigration.

They are coming in, regardless of a wall. They are literally throwing babies over 14-foot border walls. There is nothing other than total crackdown that will stop these sorts of images.

All immigration hurts the American people. Legal immigrants take our jobs at a rate equivalent to that of illegal immigrations. All immigration is a problem and pretending as though the Democrats are the real “child migrant cages builders” is the same losing strategy that we have seen from the GOP for the last 5 years.

Stop all immigration. That is the line we draw. All immigration is bad, legal and illegal. Immigration must end.