Michigan Teacher Says Student Can NOT Watch Inauguration Speech

Brett Meteyer, who teaches the elementary school students, sent a letter to parents stating that he would be holding off showing the inauguration speech that is customary to show to his 4th grade students.

Meteyer says in the letter that he does not want to show the speech “given his past inflammatory and degrading comments about minorities, women, and the disabled.”

He stated that he will show Obama’s 2009 inauguration speech instead.  Here is the letter:


As with all radical leftists, this isn’t his first attempt in indoctrinating his young students.  This also isn’t his first go at sending radical left incendiary letters to parents.  Here was a letter from the teacher sent the day after Donald Trump won the election:





Parents with students in his class and other classes say they don’t believe his decision and actions are warranted as a teacher.

Natalie Pennington, whose son was in Mr. Meteyer’s class last year says the 4th grade teacher’s recent decision is not one he should be able to make.

“I think its for parents to handle political things with their kids and being able to decide whether or not they watch it,” Mother of students at Explorer Elementary Pennington said.

Erin Reynolds, who has a daughter in the 3rd grade says she doesn’t believe any bad can come from watching Trump’s speech, and that not allowing students to watch, eliminates a learning experience.

“It makes me sad that the kids would be shielded from that rather than giving them the opportunity to rise to the occasion and to tackle those things,” Reynolds said.

Both mothers say despite what Trump has said before, they believe students should be taught about acceptance and standing together as a nation.

“Teaching respect to our kids about leaders is really important,” Pennington said.

“Turning our back on our political process  think sends the wrong message,” Reynolds added.

Reynolds says even if Trump were to make comments that raise concern, it would allow for open conversation within the classroom to take place.