Michelle Malkin CANCELLED by ‘Conservatives’ After Immigration Speech

Never-Trump political pundits at the Daily Wire were out in full force on Sunday, launching a massive coordinated attack on Michelle Malkin following her speech at UCLA in which she called for a moratorium on immigration.

Michael Knowles, Matt Walsh, Josh Hammer, and others join popular campus conservative group YAF, in condemning and cancelling Malkin after she advocated for ending the invasion of millions of low skilled low wage workers flowing into America.

The coordinated online attack comes at the same time that the ‘conservative’ group Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) cut ties with Malkin.

YAF attempted to vaguely blame the decision to disassociate with Malkin on her refusal to disavow Nick Fuentes, but this excuse is extremely convenient and comes directly after her UCLA speech where a YAF employee seemed visibly upset with what Malkin said.

We’re not buying it!

Fox News, CPAC, and many other organizations and outlets made similar decisions to disassociate from Malkin after similar immigration speeches.  More recently Malkin spoke at CPAC 2019, and called out the ‘ghost of John McCain as well as other fake conservatives who are deep in the pockets of their donors, and against Trump and the America First Agenda.


Like with any monster movie, if you show fear you make the monster stronger. When the fear dissipates, the monster becomes weak and dies. Most of the ground the right has lost to the left is a result of being in constant fear of being called ‘racist,’ for their beliefs.

It takes a lot of courage for people like Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Paul Joseph Watson, Dr Paul Gosar, Tucker Carlson, and other mainstream types to come out directly or indirectly in favor of the America first movement.  They are paving a path for others to be no longer fearful of the monster that is leftism, no longer fearful of being labeled.

If conservatives truly want to win the culture war, others need to follow.

Josh Hammer, an influential voice at Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire also joined in the open borders circle jerk and got his shots in at Fuentes and others.

The hypocrisy though of Shapiro and others condemning Fuentes and Malkin in the name of ‘anti-racism,’ is that Editor-at-large Josh Hammer recently made some very anti-white Europhobic remarks.

Hammer said in a since-deleted Twitter post: “Jew-Hatred is Inherent in the European DNA.”

Im sure Shapiro and others won’t be condemning him any time soon though.  If this remark was in the reverse however, you would see that person’s life destroyed.

Hammer tweeted his feelings about white people not once, but twice.


Ben Shapiro in particular is quick to condemn people like Malkin and Fuentes, but his refusal to condemn his own anti-white editor shows the blatant hypocrisy of cancel culture which is just as prevalent on the right as it is on the left.

In 2014, Shapiro appeared on a Pro-White podcast, Red Ice TV, to discuss how Hollywood is over-sexualizing and even grooming children to accept a global homosexual agenda.  Shapiro seemed to agree with Lana Lokteff, the host of the show, as she explained that Jews are overrepresented at the top of Hollywood and media.

Will Shapiro disavow himself?