Michael Moore Begs Americans to Stop Complaining About Diversity

Some people can’t contain themselves when they see the coming demographic doom that awaits America.

One of those is our pudgy friend Michael Moore. The filmmaker warned patriotic Americans concerned about the demographic makeup of the country to buckle up and get used to a country that is going to be minority white in the not too distant future.

“Your white supremacy thing, you will have to change,” Moore told MSNBC host Alex Witt on October 11. “The country has changed. White people will be the minority in the 2040s, so get used to it. Why not get used to it now? It’s going to be good.”

Moore drew on his past experience, claiming that he grew up with so-called “extremists.” He linked them to the individuals who drafted a conspiracy to kidnap Democratic Governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer. What’s rather funny is that the individual s arrested in this plot had strong ties to leftist anarchists.

“I’ve known these guys for a long time,” Moore declared. “When I saw them back in April at the state capitol, I don’t know those guys specifically, but I know those kind of guys. I went to high school with some of them. Their bark sometimes is bigger than their bite. And what they want to do — what the leader of the Michigan militia at that time after Oklahoma City [bombing], what they said was they want to be heard.”

Authorities ended up arresting 7 people connected to the radical leftist group who were reportedly trying to kidnap the governor. 13 people were arrested altogether in the plot, which has brought about concerns of so-called “domestic extremism” popping up all over America. The curious thing about these concerns is that these activities are predominately perpetrated by the Left.

Moore encouraged people to remain politically active and incorporate themselves into the political process.

“Why don’t you start a political party? You can do that. There are nonviolent ways to be heard and to enter the political fray,” Moore stated. “But, you know, I have to say that I think what I want people to do is not be afraid to go to the polls, whether it’s in Michigan or anywhere else. A lot of these guys, you know, they have a lot of guns, but remember they are some very, very, very small percentage of this country.”

Moore can pretend to think multiculturalism is normal and an inevitable feature of American politics all he wants. But there are real consequences to such a radical vision for American society.

An America with a diminished European stock will be one marked by less freedom, thanks to the way immigrants vote, and also one filled with rampant crime due to the criminal behavior that is common among certain migrant groups.

For wealthy celebrities like Moore, this doesn’t even matter. He can just coop himself up in a fancy mansion surrounded by a gated community and be free of the consequences of living in diversity. Most Americans, however, can’t enjoy that privilege. Americans need to recognize the importance of demographics  and start vigorously calling on their lawmakers to pass an immigration moratorium.

This is the only way out of this mess.