Mexicans Don’t Want the Migrants Either. Tijuana Residents Call Them “A Criminal Invasion”

Mexicans Residents Don’t Want the Migrants Either.  They Protest Calling them “Criminal Invaders”

Calling it an “invasion”

Protests by local residents in Tijuana against the continue as demonstrators walk the streets waving Mexican flags and holding signs saying “No a la invasión.”


Nationalists face off 

Mexican Nationalists protesting the arrival of the Migrant Caravan.


Violence breaks out 

Violence breaks out in Tijuana after Caravan arrives.

Not migrants. They’re criminals 

The Mayor of Tijuana Juan Manuel Gastelum is angry at the Mexican Government. He says these are not migrants but many vicious criminals who are doing criminal activities. Some have been arrested. He says the migrants are not wanted in Tijuana !