Mexican Americans Are Now Begging for Reparations for the Mexican American War

2020 is shaping up to be one of the most bizarre years in recent American history.

The death of George Floyd has sparked widespread unrest across the Land of the Free, which has many Americans freaked out about the prospects of a full-fledged racial conflict

As far as policies are go, things are not much better. Several elected officials have stepped up calling for Blacks to receive reparations for allegedly suffering centuries of oppression at the hands of Whites. In any kind of political climate of mass hysteria, lunacy tends to grow even more.

Now, other groups such as Mexican Americans are asking for reparations. According to a report by ABC News titled “Mexican Americans seek atonement for ancestral lands that were taken over generations”, Mexican Americans are demanding reparations.

In a segment for Nightline, the topic of reparations for Mexican Americans was discussed, specifically for the lands that were allegedly stolen from them during the Mexican American War. We shouldn’t forget, that the American Southwest wasn’t part of the U.S. 172 years ago. It was still in the hands of Mexico, which gained its independence from Spain not long before in 1821.

Following the American annexation of Texas in 1845, Mexico and the U.S. went to war from 1846 to 1848, which resulted in a decisive American victory. As a result of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Mexico ended up ceding half of its country to the U.S. Although this war became another part of history that Americans embraced and moved on from, some people still remain bitter.

A number of individuals believe that they are entitled to land grants that were supposedly not honored by the American government after it annexed Mexican territory with Mexican nationals still living in it after the Mexican-American war concluded.

“There’s a huge disparity here in terms of poverty and [in] terms of education,” said Arturo Archuleta, a land grant heir in New Mexico,.” “These communities have been left behind.”

People like Archuleta are busy trying to obtain reparations for the land that was allegedly seized from their communities, which existed prior to the ratification of the Treaty of Guadalupe, per the analysis of Jacobo Baca, a historian with the University of New Mexico’s Land Grant Studies Program.

According to documents at the University of New Mexico, a number of land grants have decreased substantially over the years. One of the documents demonstrated how an agreement for over 40,000 acres ended up being scaled down to less than 1,400 acres.

“I think for land grant heirs, there’s this recognition that this treaty was a promise that was made that wasn’t kept, and that the federal government owes the recognition of these communities,” Baca stated.

While this request was received with crickets, and rightfully so, we can only assume that it’s just another sign of the Pandora’s Box the Left has opened up. That is to say, never-ending anti-White politics with the aim of empowering non-wrote groups at the expense of legacy Americans.

While the notion of reparations for Mexicans may seem farcical, it operates as a trial balloon for the ethnic hustlers. What’s to stop leftist Hispanic hustlers from continuing to advocate for reparations for the lands that were supposedly stolen from them during the Mexican-American War?

Just think, we’re less than three decades away from the bicentennial of the Mexican American War. This is only the beginning. People may laugh but if mass amnesty is passed, Hispanic activists will have an army of ethnic foot soldiers at their disposal to make such a wacky idea a reality. That’s what happens when you import a new electorate.

In doing so, America’s political foundations will go down the tubes.