Memes, News and Brazilian Leroy Brown

Yeah, we get it, there was voting, and now Jeb Bush is in control. Try and imagine the current house and the current senate agreeing on anything. It’s a great environment for business, since you can safely assume there will be literally no trade deals or changes in tariffs for the next two years.

Vidya games

Ever heard of Wow? Yeah, it’s that game people sit in their room drinking mountain dew and eating Reeses in the dark for days instead of B.A.S.E. jumping or having kids.

Well, the company that made this gem had their yearly conference for PC gamers, to give you an idea of how big a deal this is, people pay $70 just to watch it online. So they reveal a rehash of an old favorite, only now it’s mobile with microtransactions(instead of paying $50 for a game, you pay a dollar here and a dollar there for fun perks)and to give you an idea of how well the audience(mostly PC gamers) took it, check this out, note the tote bag, nice:

So for damage control there are two options, A)common sense and reasonable discourse or  B) accuse all critics of being racist mysoginist Christian White Male Republican Gun Owners.

Try and guess, go ahead.

photo credit reddit user slayer896

I like this, online gaming used to be the most toxic evil dialogue on earth. Just yesterday a fellow went viral on youtube for showing how you could punch the women’s suffragette in Red Dead Redemption 2 (a cowboy game that just came out) he was banned by youtube.

Strangely, as a few users are pointing out, youtube has a giant trove of creepy videos of small kids and has done nothing to curb harassment of them.

So, fake video game violence bad, actually being a creep to kids totally ok.

Alex Jones got kicked off all his platforms for being a weirdo and questioning the Sandy Hook shootings, which is far from the craziest idea on Youtube. Gab.Ai got deplatformed for being a free speech platform where one of their users turned out to be the shooter in Pittsburgh. There was a massive backlash on them, since even though Jews have been blamed for things like the Back Death long before the internet even existed, free speech is somehow a cause of anti semitism, rather than just a method for very weird people who identify in a certain way to find friends and get the weird idea that their perception of reality is the same thing as the actual physical world of science and reason.

Anyway, Gab is back, and the new host: Epik, has been more than clear in their blog post supporting the free speech uncensored alternative to Twitter.

Similar to Freedom of Speech is freedom of movement, and Forbes has found that current EU citizens moving around within Europe is good for the economy, which is useful but does not actually deal with the real elephant in the room, non-EU migrants.


A Brazilian Businessman has murdered a professional footballer(i.e. Soccer) and nobody is exactly sure why.

And now it is time for Bible Study:

Proverbs 6: 33Wounds and dishonor will befall him, and his reproach will never be wiped away. 34For jealousy enrages a husband, and he will show no mercy in the day of vengeance. 35He will not be appeased by any ransom, or persuaded by lavish gifts.…

Last words before someone literally breaks through the door and murders you

Somehow Daniel Freitas, the footballer, was in the businessman’s wife’s bedroom.  The text conversation on the Freitas’ phone indicates he was at the house for the birthday of Allanas, the 18 year old daughterof the Edison(the businessman) and Crisitiana(his wife). in the picture above. Instead of hanging out with the birthday girl, Freitas snuck upstairs and took some ‘hilarious photos’ in bed with Cristiana while she was asleep. This has since been regarded as a bad move.

Nobody knows exactly what happened next, but Edison cut Freitas’ reproductive organs off and now Freitas is dead. It is a very good reminder of why not to be in bed with another man’s wife unless one or both of you is suffering severe hypothermia.

To learn more, consider the following

Since you probably don’t speak Portuguese, and I don’t either, here’s what I could grab using my understanding of Spanish:

The police have interviewed five people, the family is saying the dead football player broke into the wife’s room, and other than the information on Freitas phone, there is not a lot to go on.  I will be following this closely.