The Meme Master Speaks: Look Who Biden Blames For Election Loss

Vice President Joe Biden shared his thoughts on why Hillary lost the election at a reception celebrating a Hindu festival.

“We lost because of awful lot of hard-working Americans who live in areas where we did not pay much attention to. Barack Obama won these people. They are not racist. They did not vote for the Democrats this time.”

Wow, can it be, that the sensei of the highest order of the meme brethren has more sense than Van Jones ?

He added: “They have the highest suicide rate in America. Because they do not know how to deal with this new incredible change (in the economy) that is taking place.”

“Remember, we won these same people.”

The vice president’s assessment came after he had spent part of the day with his successor, Vice President-elect Mike Pence. Despite campaigning heavily against the Trump-Pence ticket, Biden and his wife, Jill, warmly welcomed Pence and his wife, whom the vice president described as “really fine people.”