Meet the Professor Calling for “Climate Lockdowns” to Combat “Climate Change” — Limits Vehicle Use, Bans Consuming Red Meat, Etc.

A UCL Professor named Mariana Mazzucato has called for “Climate Lockdowns” in response to the climate change hoax being pushed by progressive democrats, businesses and professors world wide. The “Climate Lockdowns” would include government mandated bans on consuming red meat and limiting use of private vehicles, etc.

You can get a good idea of the type of person Mariana Mazzucato is by taking a quick peak at her public Twitter page.

While BILLIONS of human beings are being forcibly subjected to inhumane lockdowns and social experiments such  as wearing a mask in public, or socially distancing / isolating from other human beings, professors like Mariana Mazzucato are wasting no time in seizing the opportunity to normalize disputed claims about the environment, and then use government force against entire populations to concede these disputed claims.

It must be easy for Mariana Mazzucato to advocate even more extreme lockdown measures as she enjoys the Italian sun, on an Island with fine wine. While Mariana Mazzucato posted this picture in August, during the height of the Italian COVID lockdowns, you are being forcibly locked down, for the foreseeable future.

The COVID-19 lockdowns have forced small businesses around the country to close shop for good, while companies like Amazon, and their CEO’s like Jeff Bezos, see record profits. The supposed progressive left-wing workers of the world are viciously gutting the average workers wages and extorting the middle class over hoaxes no-one can seem to agree are even real in the first place.


None of this is going to end well.