Meet The New Groyper Leaders: Ben Shapiro & Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire

Over the past few weeks we have seen a drastic shift in rhetoric coming from Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire, who recently began speaking out on the violent Black Lives Matter riots engulfing the nation.

Not only has Matt Walsh adopted the talking points of the notorious Groyper movement, but his boss, Ben Shapiro, re-tweeted prominent Groyper leader “Chief Groyper Carlson”, who has made a name for himself exposing fake conservatives.

Where just months ago, Walsh had been criticizing Nicholas Fuentes & the “Groypers” for their stance against immigration (both legal and illegal), and what so clearly appears to be an inherent, bipartisan anti-white agenda permitting throughout both political parties in the US, it would now appear Walsh shares the views of those whom he had criticized just months prior.

The march of the so-called “Groyper” continues as Nicholas Fuentes gains allies within the conservative establishment. Re-shaping the GOP will be a team effort, and for now it seems the Groypers are delighted to have Ben Shapiro & Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire on their side.

To any liberals who might have a problem with this, we say to you: