Meet the Back-Stabbing Neo-Cons Who Refuse to Defend President Donald J Trump Amid The Most Corrupt Election in World History

Neo-Conservatives who’ve made a career off of the Donald Trump presidency, but who also reluctantly support the President when challenged by other conservatives, aren’t supporting the President in this most dire hour. If these Neo-cons refuse to fight for Donald Trump, mark my words,  the people will vote them out of office.

These “conservatives” have directly benefited from historic voter turnout, due to the enthusiastic support of the public created entirely by President Donald J Trump, but while they benefit from the president, they’ve turned their backs as the nation faces the most historical instance of mass voter fraud ever experienced in recorded human history.

Dan Crenshaw is our first example of a Neo-conservaitve who refuses to address the rampant fraud surrounding the US presidential election. You will not find one comment from Crenshaw referencing corruption or fraud. When challenged by other conservatives, as always, he is quicker to defend his name, than he is to defend the American people from a stolen election.

Dan Crenshaw is quite close with Nikki Haley, who is our next example of a two faced Neo-conservative.

Nikki Haley, who’s real name is Nimrata Nikki Randhawa Haley, is another example of a republican politician who has directly benefited from the enthusiasm of the Trump Presidency. Nikki Haley has not once mentioned the many examples of voter fraud, corruption or deceptive tactics by the Democrats, the lying media or the social media censorship crippling the presidents voice online.

Nikki Haley has been propped up by the likes of Ben Shapiro, who is another example of a so-called “conservative” who only reluctantly supports the President, as it has directly benefited his career.

Next on the list is US Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell has not been active on his social media since October 30th. While the President of the United States is under attack by a fraudulent election, Democrats, the media, social media and many Republican back-stabbers, “Leader” McConnell is nowhere to be found.

Last, but certainly not least, is the youngest addition to the Neo-conservative class, the newly elected, Madison Cawthorn.

Madison doesn’t enjoy the same level of name brand recognition the former examples have garnered over the years, and so he has to play it a bit closer to the hip, to ensure the voters who voted him into office, don’t decide to turn on him all-together.

After the American Conservative talk show host, Nicholas J Fuentes, had called out a few of the offending Neo-cons over their disloyal post-election silence on voter fraud, Madison Cawthorn, within an hour of being pressed, had quickly tweeted a faint admission of the unfolding battle over the election, but only without naming President Trump himself.

Less than one hour after being pressed by Nicholas J Fuentes, Cawthorn let out this pathetic, weak defense of the president. Before this statement, Madison Cawthorn made no mention of the battle being waged on the president. Madison intends on being the face of a younger GOP, influencing generation Z, while delivering to them the same Neo-conservative agenda we have had for years before the Donald Trump presidency took control.

These are only a few examples of the snakes currently stabbing Donald Trump in the back, as he faces unprecedented obstacles surrounding a rigged election riddled with corruption and fraud.  The undeniable mathematical evidence of this disaster is being completely ignore by a crooked media, while social media monopolies are hell-bent on silencing dissent. Mitt Romney is a bonus name on the list, but he is the example most obvious to conservatives nationwide.